About us

Ease is the online store for Ease Cosmetics by Maradarah a leading cosmetic brand that features a range of Makeup and beauty products ace and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to meet the beauty requirements of every woman .Shopping in our online store is easy, convenient and secure
and we ship worldwide.


Bukola Awotedu is a highly skilled professional Makeup Artist and Business executive who loves everything colour and creativity. Makeup to her is far more than a career or hobby, it’s a passion a dream and vision. Her passion for visual stimuli has helped her approach makeup with a refreshing point of view.
A graduate of Media Makeup, Diploma in cosmetology and BSC in Creative Business Management where she graduated with Distinction. Her diverse background and experience creates a unique style accredited to her artistic talent and knowledge.
Bukola displays a mastery in creating the right look. She has worked on counters for top cosmetic brands and had the opportunity to be Account Manager for Fashion Fair UK.
She then realised there is a gap for Ethnic cosmetics which birthed the idea of Ease a makeup brand specially designed for women of colour.
The secret to flawless makeup is using the right Products.
Ease by Maradarah, makeup application with ease.